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'Gann's Trading Techniques Explained'


A Professional Strategy for Private Investors, Traders & Fund Managers, learn the essentials for trading success!


The workshops are hosted on-line



Over 15,000 attendees have benefited from our unique Workshops over the years.



Gann Managements Strategies for the private investor and professional trader has been designed to accommodate, the most serious and demanding of traders. Created by our Founder, Fred Stafford, we will show you exactly how to generate consistent returns from trading the financial markets.



These Workshops cut straight to the heart of trading the markets and shows you how we use the techniques of one of the worlds greatest ever traders - William. D. Gann - how to identify winning trades using these time proven techniques. You will be presented to using our highly acclaimed ‘Zenith


Professional’ Charting Software.WHAT WILL YOU LEARN:-



*           How to Make Money Consistently!

*           How to identify world wide opportunities.

*           How to keep risk to a minimum using strict money management rules. 

*           How to become and unemotional trading expert.WHAT TO EXPECT:-



1. Basic Introduction to Gann Analysis and our Zenith SoftwareIntroducing the cornerstone of our success, our custom built analysis software. We will highlight the major tools used in determining key levels of support and resistance, whilst also walking you through a recent actual trade we made.


2. Analysis - Key Tools, What, Where & WhyA more in depth look at the key rules we use including the major percentages to look out for, calculating timing angles correctly and the importance of when time meets price! There will also be an analyst’s view of many major world markets from the UK, US, Europe and the Far East, a look at important levels for various stocks of interest and not forgetting the major players such as Oil, Gold and currencies.


3. You Can Benefit from Our 31 Years of Our ExperienceIt's the perfect introduction to Gann's methods and how you can tap into Fred's, Gary's, Simons and Marks wide insight and experience of applying these methods to seek big profit potential from global markets. 

4. Why attend this Workshop? We have been trading these methods ourselves with our own money and MILLIONS of pounds of our client's money, who trust us to apply Gann's methods on their behalf.


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