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World Equities

What is our 'Focus' Opportunites Service


On a daily bases we monitor the world markets for possible trading opportunities both on the long and short side of the markets. When we find a possible signal we create a 'Training Video' for our 'Zenith Professional' and 'Private Investor' clients explaining exactly why it could be interesting so you can make an informed decision on the merits of the trade. These opportunities are given well in advance allowing you to get ready psychologically to pull the trigger.

The Secret

In our opinion the only way to become a successful trader in the long term is to make SMALL LOSES and BIG PROFITS. This is easier said than done. Why? Because to make BIG PROFITS you need big movements. Unfortunately these normally only occur at tops and bottoms of major market movements. This also reduces the number of good trading opportunities in a particular item. So to overcome this problem we look at lots of diverse items. 

Also you need to stay in a trade to make the hopefully big profits. Effectively this means you have to assume that the trade will last, but this will only become apparent with hindsight. Psychologically it's very hard to stay in good trades, especially if you watch intra-day prices. DON'T. It turns out that with our approach getting out of a trade is the easiest part.

Taking SMALL LOSES sounds easy, you just use close stop losses. However if you place your stop losses randomly, then you will just get randomly stopped out. This unfortunately is the lot of the vast majority of traders. This is especially true of people who follow the adage "The trend is your friend". This is the most dangerous quote in trading. It can be summed up by the saying "Hindsight is a wonderful thing".

However if you can find the major turning points in the markets and place your stop losses below that level to buy, or above that top to short, you can't be stopped out randomly, and the worst case scenarion is that you will take a small loss. 

Now the prevailing wisdom has it that finding the major turning points in the market is impossible, with one of the major 'cliches' of investing being "Never catch a falling knife". But I've already stated that this is a prerequisite of being a sucessful trader! Can it be done? Well I'll let you be the judge.  

I received this email on the 7th June 2016

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Hello sir I know you sent me all the details but I want to know for sure how good  this analysis work because I had a bad experience paying almost a 1000 dollar for gann course and what I got in return is just an excel sheet and some wave analysis. I want to learn what gann analysis is actually about. Something that is  worth it. I know there is nothing like 100% in this world but there are still ways to succeed. I am still willing to pay but I am afraid of being cheated again. They say gann analysis can predict the market. Both price and time . And as you pay the money they say dont predict the market. Follow the market as it behave . I am just lost I dont know what to do or whom should I trust . So if you can explain me what gann analysis can do on a regular basis with time and price I will be more than gratefull


Now this is my reply. It also explains why cycles and astrology don't work. Basically nothing is set in stone IMHO.

I understand your concerns completely. Most of what people teach regarding Gann is total rubbish IMHO. Even a lot of what Gann did I don't agree with.


But some of it is amazing.


Life is not set in stone. For example, "the Nifty Fifty will get to a certain price on a certain day". Life would be pretty pointless if that was the case.


I like to use a Bible example.


Jonah and the whale.


"Nineveh was a very wicked city. God’s justice demanded that the wickedness of Nineveh be punished but His mercy wanted to extend one last bone-jarring warning in the hope that it would shake them out of their sin blinded existence, see their desperate, depraved condition and repent". 


Now Jonah preached that Nineveh would be destroyed by God.


But God didn't destroy Nineveh because they repented.


The point being here is that the future is conditional. I hope that makes sense.


I doubt Jonah was very happy because it made him look a fool LOL


Here are some examples of predictions I've made.  I don't know "IF" the price will get to the level. But "IF/WHEN" it does then that's when I make the decision to trade it


They are predictions, but conditional on the price getting there.

There is no advantage in saying that the price will get to a certain level on a certain day if you think about it. Gann said TIME is more important than PRICE. This is not true from a trading point of view. PRICE is more important than TIME. When its gets to the price level then that's the right time.

This is how our 'Focus' members area looked on the 11th Feb 2016 (4 months ago). The video below show what I said. Then 'What happen' as of the (23rd Jun 2016) showing exaclty what happened. I've only included the items that reached my levels.


An Introduction to our 'Focus' signals.

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