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W.D. Gann - Geometric Angles

W.D. Gann's gerometric Angle rules are quite simply amazing if done correctly. You might be suprised to learn that it is by far the most misundertood of all Gann's rules. Even so called Gann experts completely ignore what Gann wrote on the subject. 


The following videos are design to show that pretty much every software package on the market do Gann angles competely wrong. Especially if they call it a "Gann Fan".


The first video explains what an angle is, and why Gann wasn't 100% right. But as the old saying goes "Standing on the shoulders of Giants".

This video shows even the so called Gann experts don't understand what they are talking about, even when they don't use the previously mentioned "Gann Fan" technique.


Unfortunately its very easy to be tarred with the same brush.

We claimed above that most, if not all software packages do Gann angles completely wrong. We started publishing these videos on YouTube in 2011 regarding the S&P. They explain why Gann wasn't strictly right, and I show lots of examples of very dodgy software in action. Even the data must be formated correctly for Gann angles to work, which of course its usually not. No hindsight was used in the making of these videos.



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