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From : XL Cordemans, arch.

Sent: 04 April 2017 02:28

To: Gary Stafford

Subject: Testimonial

Dear Gary, 

this can be published if you wish for those who are considering to subscribe to any of your packages: go for it. The philosophy is easy to understand, the videos are clear and the huge video library is continuously updated. But above all the support is excellent.  
As for the system some of the first charts I did myself early on turn out to give surprising results qua price levels. Beginners luck - I do not think so? If the same could be done qua  ‘time' as well you would need nothing else. Even so it is easy to monitor selected products and to be attentive when you see the price levels approaching those you identified with this 'Gary Stafford' method that was heavily influenced by Gann. 
In 18 years I rarely subscribed to any ‘course’ as I never felt comfortable to do so. This one just felt right, for me at least, and would recommend it to anybody who can think numbers and work with charts. 

XL Cordemans





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From: uno pom []
Sent: 04 December 2013 09:35
To: Mark Stafford
Subject: Re: Gann Management - Training Video


Hi Gary or and Mark,

After having the ids system now for almost a year. I can defiantly say without any worries, I don’t know what I would do without it ,  to say it’s good would be  the understatement of the year.

I am  still learning it and even though I made a lot of mistakes it still made me more money than ever  before on the stock market.  I may not be  the brightest  person a round , but getting the system was  one of the best ideas I ever had.

Any way the reason for this email is I am now ready  and want to go on to the futures market.  I was wondering if you know of any good web sites that may help me understand it.  

one of the joys of living in Thailand is my stock broker does not know a enough english and i don't know enough thai to get a handle on it





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From: David Williamson []
Sent: 01 August 2013 11:18
To: Gary Stafford
Subject: Just wanted to mention this...


Hey Gary,


I haven't started trading yet as I am still working on my trading plan and looking into trading psychology, but the more I look for information on the Internet, the more I find companies trying to cram their trading system down my throat.

They prey on the hope people feel that if they just had the right system, they could make winning trades every time.

I was lucky to come across your videos very early in my searching and I just wanted to say that you guys are an oasis in a dessert of false hopes and predatory marketing.

Your honestly about the difficulty of the markets - in your client signals, and in your free videos - is, I now understand, such a rare thing. It's scary to think of all the people out there dumping money into the markets because they go in assuming from the outset that they will be winners and never understanding the risk involved.

Just wanted to say thanks lol.

Have a great day.


- David


From: [
To: Gary Stafford;
Subject: S&P Projection


Dear Gary ,


I was very pleased seeing you yesterday , and I feel your presentation was superb . I can't understand why it was free , it is much better than many other presentations I have seen in the past that cost me hundreds of pounds to attend .

Also I think if you charge a small fee , then it will keep away many of the once who are coming only to sleep or grab a free sandwich . Any way it is just a thought , and I am sure you know your business better.

Thank you for your email regarding Crawford comments , which I know him & some other Astrologers whom have given Gann bad reputation rather than good when in comes to Astrology  . The Astrology I was referring to is more advanced than Crawford & Co work , it is real stuff .

Any way I like to confirm my interest in join your service , and look forward starting soon.

Finally, I have sent you enclosed some of my work on projection on the market , and I keep updating the chart as times go on , and my prediction has been working so for very good , and feel the big decline will start next week , and looking for al low between 945 - 870 this summer , and final low of 440 by July 2010??







From: modestas gudaitis [

To: infoSubject: from Boh to Garry 


Hi Garry,


This is Boh enko from the seminar on the 29 th of July.

I am sorry to use different email again, it's just easier for me to send attachments from this one.


I loved your seminar.You impressed me with your strong mechanical strategy and, if being honest, unveiled some concepts which I never paid attention to before.

I would love to work with you and probably will, only when I find the right moment for me to start.


Buy before all that please have a look at some of my technical Forex charts.If you remember I have spoken to you about one theory I found myself, which probably would enable us to draw angles on chart according to certain mathematical rules.

Now, I do not expect you to tell me --Hei, Dan, that's exactly how I do it!!! Well done, young trader, you have just got complete understanding of my 25 years work.

But at the same time I will not hide that I still want to know the secret.

My stubborn nature does not let my ego alone.





From:D Kapakoulakis [mailto:] 
Subject: Client Testimonial - Feel free to post on the website




Here is my "2 cents worth" opinion of the GML service.

Feel free to post on the web site

As a satisfied client, I'm just writing to tell how much I appreciate and enjoy working with all the people at GML and particularly Gary Stafford.

In fact I have found that they are so responsive of my needs that I felt the need to "give back" something in the form of positive and unsolicited testimonial.

I am a very meticulous person. I investigated GML trading methodology thoroughly before I became a client , and found that they represent themselves and their methods accurately and honestly.


In the 2 years that I have been a GML client, I have found Gary Stafford, to be exceptionally knowledgeable in the area of technical analysis, Gann methodology and the financial markets in general.


Other than the rich in educational value material inside the GML web site, Gary is the most responsive tutor I have ever worked with. His explanation of Gann trading methodology has been of great aid to my understanding of the financial markets.

He is a very courteous, and efficient professional, that maintains customer focus in extreme markets !!! He is there in times of need and easy to reach. Your problem becomes his problem.

But most importantly his responsive communication and continuous support have made trading far more enjoyable than I have ever thought.


Gary, you are making me feel like I am your only client with the quickness of your replies, and that is tremendously appreciated. I truly did not expect that type of personalized service. Your attention to personal service is outstanding.

I wish all of you continued success.


Dimitris K.





From: peter [mailto:]

To: 'Chris Hammond'
Subject: RE: IDS Subscription




I joined IDS originally because I was a member of final salary pension and my employer refused to fund the scheme. So like many others I faced the prospect of having an insufficient to live off in retirement.


My first objective was to try and recover the situation. So I went on an GML course, got some good advice from Fred, and decided to manage my own funds. Although this was daunting to start with, I used the Gann approach together with some 
processes for risk management that I developed myself. After a lot of work I succeeded in growing my funds (albeit in a rising market!) to a point where I felt that 
I'd broken the back of the problem.


However, I found it tough and relentless work so my second objective was to free up my time to spend on other things. So last year I de-risked my portfolio significantly and have got a company managing it for me. I pay them a regular fee but do a lot less myself - although I still monitor their performance!


I found Fred's weekly market reports extremely useful and the supply of price data and chart analysis has been invaluable. I've used the Focus web site a lot to look at opportunities and see what others were doing. The bottom line is that my investment in GML's services has paid off handsomely so I'm extremely grateful to you all for the 
know-how I've picked up and the friendly help and advice I've received.

I may well return to do some serious investing in my retirement so may renew my subscription then, but for now I'm taking a break.








Subject: A new interesting item - urgent
From: Michael S
To: Tony Zafar
CC: Gary Stafford,,    
Chris Hammond


Dear Tony,


Let me first say thank again you and your colleagues:

For the first time I go through a crash without losing half of what I have. I had no doubt, from the very beginning, that your vehicle was the best.

In a revealing conversation a few days ago with Chris I began to realize how it is possible to gain money by betting on a downward item or index.

Unfortunately we do not have on the continent tools such as spread-betting but I have found in Paris a new interesting item which is inversely proportional to the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50. Since the world stocks are not going well at the moment I consider buying it as soon as possible. Here is the product:

SGAMESTXX50 XBEAR code ISIN FR0010424143 - BXX

You will find more details at the internet sites:

1. Could you please include the product in your data base? It should not require much work since it is new.

2. Could you please analyse for me the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx  50?

I have looked through Gary's 214 videos, but did not see any analysis of it.

3. Basing the judgment on you analysis of the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 could you please tell me if and when it would be advisable to buy SGAMESTXX50 XBEAR? There is, of course, not enough data to analyse the new item itself but, as I 
understand, an analysis of the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 should be more than sufficient.

I hope this tip can be also helpful to you or, at least, to your continental clients.

Please let me hear from you as soon as possible. Time is short.

Many thanks again and kind regards,


Michael S.


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