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We started developing our unique Gann “Zenith” trading software back in the mid-1970s and it’s been in constant development ever since.  You might believe that all Gann software is the same, but you couldn’t be more wrong.


Unlike most software vendors who have relied on other people’s interpretation of Gann’s work from dubious technical analysis books; we at Zenith analytic have over 40 years’ of practical trading experience and research at our disposal.  Not only does the software work as advertised, but it’s also optimized to allow you to analyse the charts as quickly as possible.  This is because the software is used on a daily basis to make actual trading decisions. Most programmers never use their software in this way.


Probably the most misunderstood and badly implemented technique of Gann's work are his "geometric angle" rules. They range from extremely poor to frankly libellous. It doesn't even seem to matter how much you pay as the best implementation we've tried was free. In the vast majority of cases they don't even implement what Gann taught; completely missing the point Gann was trying to convey. This is not the programmers fault, he is probably just following the instructions in a book or a so called Gann expert. Obviously this could cost you a lot of money trading if we're right. I'll let you make your own disicision based on the following video.


Here is an example video we did showing the use of something called a "Gann fan" from a major spread betting firm. You might be supprised to know that Gann taught nothing about a "Gann Fan" but more about that later.  


W.D. Gann - Advanced Trading Software

The "Gann Fan" and other myths. 

Probably 90% of all Gann software products implement something called a "Gann Fan". It's something that Gann never taught and where the original idea came from we have no idea. Even if the technique worked, and it doesn't; the implementations are pretty mixed at best. Here is an example from a major software vendor which illustrates one of the many problems. We then show you how to do it correctly with our software and unique knowledge of Gann's "Master Time Factor".

What Gann techniques are included and why?

When we first started developing the software in the late 1970s the idea was to include the techniques of the world’s great technicians, like W.D. Gann; R.N.  Elliott; Joe Granville etc. with the goal to create one super system. However as time went by and our knowledge increased we realised the many short comings of this approach. Probably the most obvious problem we found was a lot of the techniques just don’t work. It also became obvious that Gann’s work was head and shoulders above the rest.


But that doesn’t mean that everything Gann taught works, so we have only included in the software the techniques that we believe work after decades of research. This video explains the problems you will encounter with software that does everything. Basically, especially when you start out, you don’t know the good from the bad. “Nothing dies harder than a bad idea”.


Important - Please bear in mind

Software never made anyone rich. Computers are the most stupid things on the face of the planet. They just do what they're programmed to do very very quickly. There's an old adage in the computer industry "garbage in, garbage out". By getting a computer to do the work for you, who is actually learning, you or the computer? How do you correct a problem if you're unaware of it.

The greatest computer on the face of the planet is YOUR brain so use it. YOU must gain the knowledge to be a success. Not the computer, not your broker, not me, however I can lead you in the right direction.

Having the right tools for the job (software) is critical because otherwise you will end up drawing random lines on a chart, basiclly seeing what you want to see, and not what's really happening.



Software Requirements  

(Included with Zenith 'Professional' and 'Lite' products)


Operating system: Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8 and higher

Disk space: 200MB

Memory: 10MB

Internet connection


Apple Mac users: It can be installed using an 'Apple boot camp' partition with windows installed.


                                   Zenith Gann Software Features



Gann's - Swing Charts

This type of chart Gann used to identify important tops and bottoms. It is also useful for identifying double and triple tops and bottoms, and Gann 4th attempt rule. Gann's original use was based on daily prices and three day movement to change the chart. We have extended its use to daily/weekly and monthly charts, and have added the ability to change on two price movements. This type of chart takes no account of time in its drawing. 

Gann's - Trend Indicator Line (T.I.L)

Gann used the Trend-Indicator-LIne, aka (T.I.L.) with his mechanical trading system from his 'Commodity/Stock market courses'. It is used for entering the market, moving stop losses etc. We have modified it's use and application to trading quite a lot. These rules are covered in our 'Entry point' and 'Stop Loss' training videos.



Gann's - Geometric Angles

This is the most poorly understood of all Gann's work. Probably 95% of all software out there implements this completely wrong. It is usually given the name 'Gann Fan' which has nothing to do with what Gann taught in his books and courses. Even when its implemented correctly they still don't work as they should.


We are the world leaders in this area, and have taken Gann's work to a whole new level. Our unique 'Auto Angle' option helps you identify the 'Master Time Factor' for Stocks and Commodities. Our work on angles in regard to currencies is totaly unique. Remember that when Gann was alive people didn't really trade currencies because the world was on a Gold standard. Without our Zenith Software you're wasting your time and might as well draw random lines on a chart. 


Gann's - Retracements

Gann unlike R.N. Elliott used halfway retracements of movements. Especially with his 'mechanical trading method'. A lot of people claim that Gann and Elliott's work are basically the same. This is totally untrue. This is not a rule I use because I don't think it works very well. But it's there any way. You can draw any kind of retracement or projection. For example 0.618 or 1.618.


Gann's - 8ths and 3rds levels


This is probably the first rule of Gann's I investigated back in the 1980s. In my opinion it doesn't work consistantly enough to use. Just because said something, it doesn't necessarily mean it works.

Remember Gann was just a man not a god. But it's there for you to do your own research.


'Zenith' software getting started




Drawing a currency chart




Gann's - Percentages

You've probably never heard of this trading technique. Make no mistake about it, this is by far Gann's greatest discovery.


But don't take my word for it, this is what Gann wrote in his book '45 years in Wall Street' Chapter 4, page 30.


"One of the greatest discoveries I ever made was how to figure the percentage of high and low prices on the averages and individual stocks. The percentages of extreme high and low levels indicate future resistance levels".


We have taken Gann's work here to a whole new level. It's far deeper than Gann ever realised. "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants" - Isaac Newton.



Moving Averages

This is not a Gann technique but for historical reasons it's included.

My best advice here is don't use it. Understanding why you shouldn't use it is key to understanding why making money on the speculative markets is hard.


Gann's - Time Cycles


Probably the most used technical analysis technique in the world. As the old saying goes "What everyone knows isn't worth knowing".

I no longer use them. The reason can be summed up in the following way. Gann said "Time is more important then price". But from a trading point of view "Price is more important than Time". 


Drawing a normal chart




Drawing a currency converted chart




Gann Pattern charts

Gann used set overlays of 52, 90 and 144. We have made this option extremely flexiable allowing you to create any size or type you like. In my opinion it doesn't work. The best way to discribe it is "hindsight is a wonderfull thing", and I still can't get it to work.

Gann's Square of 9 and permanent charts

Gann wrote practically nothing about these techniques. Probably because they don't work. I suspect that when Gann's papers were bought by a guy called Billy Jones back in the 1970s he included them in his new published courses because they looked mystical. Great marketing but it doesn't mean they work. I've wasted a lot of my time investigating these in the past. If someone went though my old papers after my death they would find all kinds of techniques I've discounted. But how would they know?

I've never seen anyone else's research on the subject convince me of anything here :(

It's best summed up with the adage "B**llsh*t baffles brains". A great selling technique for someones book. but that's it.

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