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Fred Stafford - Interview 

Interview with Fred Stafford of Gann Management. Fred talks about his life in investments and how WD Gann changed the course of it. Probably recorded around 2009/10

Part 1

Part 2

His Unique Methods simplified 

The course is a basic introduction to W.D. Gann's work. It was written by the founder of the company Fred Stafford for the Japanese technical analysis society in the late 1980s.

We have made significate improvements to Gann's work since it's publication, but it is still the basis of our approach.


It is an excellent introduction for anyone looking to get aquated with Gann's techniques. It will bring you upto where we were back then.

Please note I no longer use some of these techniques, but it was taught by Gann. For a glimpse of what we are doing now click the 'YouTube Channel' button above.

Whats Included


The Treatise covers the following:-


1. Introduction 

2. Finding Decision Levels

  a). Percentages

  b). Retracements

  c). Lesser Levels

  d). Past Tops and Bottoms

  e). Form Reading

  f).  Natural Numbers

3. Triggering a Signal

  a).  The Trend Indicator Line

  b).  The Trigger to Buy

  c).  The Trigger to Short

4. Taking Profits

  a).  Taking Profits After Buying

  b).  Taking Profits After Shorting

5. Limiting Losses

  a).  Cutting Losses After Buying

  b).  Cutting Losses After Shorting

6. Conclusion

7. The Case Study


The Gann Rule Book (1980s)

1).  Introduction

2).  Gann's Trading Hints

3).  2 Week Chart

4).  2 Day Chart

5).  Major Gann Levels

6).  All Gann Levels

7).  Percentages

8).  Retracements

9).  Percentages & Retracement of Major Moves

10). Angles From Lows

11). Angles From Highs

12). Angles From Zero

13). Natural Resistance Levels

14). Natural Resistance From a Level

15). Single, Double or Tripple Tops & Bottoms

16). Fourth Attempts

17). Trading Ranges

18). Trend Indicator Line

19). Signal Entry

20). Stop losses

and much more........



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